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10 things not to do……

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Are you thinking about painting? Doing renos? Are you also thinking that you might sell your house sometime in the future? We have already discussed projects that will add value to your home, so now let’s discuss projects – from paint to porches – that can decrease the value of your property. Here are ten tips on what not to do: Going overboard – doing too much for the neighbourhood. So, what this means is take a look around where you live. Are there two million dollar plus mansions around? Ok, put in that Viking stove and gourmet kitchen…however, if your area is more in the $400,000-$550,000 homes, you don’t want to put a $60,000 pool in the back yard. Inconsistency – this follows on the above point. Don’t do hardwood next to vinyl flooring. Don’t do a $40,000 kitchen reno and leave the blue shag carpeting. Rather, bring your entire house up to a standard that you can afford. Focus on fixing the deficiencies. Closing off the porch or converting the garage – think that you are adding value because you are adding “square footage” to your property? Think again! Porches are meant for outdoor living. Garages are meant for cars. If you need more indoor space it is time to move to a bigger house. Too much you in the house – or not in the house! don’t get rid of the kitchen because you don’t cook, don’t get rid of a bedroom because you don’t have kids…Also, if you let the kids pick the paint for their room and they choose orange, realize that you will need to paint it again into a neutral colour before you list…I think you get the picture. Screwing up the floor plan – don’t add willy-nilly. Make sure that the addition makes sense. A room that you have to go through the garage and laundry room to get to, or go through the closet and up two stairs…that is not an addition that is going to add value. If you want to add living space, make sure that you get a professional to help in the planning. Tackling big reno projects yourself – just like the above, you want to get professionals to do the renos, unless you are in fact a builder/finishing contractor! Going for too trendy – tiny glass tiles, … can date your home…think of avocado appliances, blue shag carpeting and wood panelling. They were once trendy too! Permit issues – think you are saving time and a few bucks by skipping the permit process? Think again. From insurance issues  – Appraisers and lenders may not include the value of an addition that was not permitted because they worry that insurers won’t give money in case of an incident. Hanging onto brass hardware – just get rid of it. Ignoring flaws – A lot of folks are like Goldilocks: They think their home is just right and without flaws. Disassociate yourself from your home andif your home is more than 10 years old, get an inspection done even before you list it so that you’re not surprised by any problems and can deal with them! When done right you get a beautiful, tasteful reno that can update even the oldest home and help your re-sale value 1110 Laramee