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99 Tips for Cheap updates 11 through 24

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Continuing on with our list: Put it on Shuffle: grab your ipod, put it on shuffle, and then try a little bit of mix and match around the house to get a new vibe going on. 11 Create a focal point in a room. It can be a singular item displayed proudly or a collection of items grouped together. 12 Work with odd number groupings when decorating ledges and mantles. Combine objects of varying heights and leave a little space between each object to create the perfect look. 13 Don’t buy stuff just to fill empty space. Think about your purchases and buy only what you really love. 14 After you think you’re done decorating a room, step back and take away a few pieces. 15 Clean and repaint the blades of your ceiling fan. 16 When decorating around a theme, don’t go overboard. Include just one or two pieces that act as focal points and allude to your theme. 17 Clean out the garage, paint the walls and create an organizing system to make extra space. 18 Don’t feel obligated to display items you don’t like. If there’s a decor item hanging around that holds little value (sentimental or otherwise), get rid of it or pack it away. 19  Clear up existing displays of accessories by packing up, labeling and storing items and then pulling them out when you feel it’s time for a change. 20 Rearrange your existing furniture; move pieces like a chair or sidetable to a different place in your house. 21 Give old and unused items a new lease on life either by giving them away, selling them or transforming them into something new. 22 Line the kitchen counter with repurposed glass bottles filled with water. This makes a beautiful display on its own or as ready-to-use vases. 23 Painting can do wonders when it comes to refreshing your home. If you can’t do the whole house, pick just one room.

24 An accent or feature wall is an easy starting point when decorating. Pick one blank wall, preferably in a fairly visible location like at the end of a hall, and paint it a stand-out shade.