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A Little more DIY on a Budget

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Continuing our 99 tips 24.Time to get crafty: get out the sewing machine, glue gun or hammer and nails to add some quick fixes around the house: 25 Add shelving behind the toilet to create storage and display space. 26 Paint or sand and stain old furniture. You’ll be pleasantly surprised what a few new coats of paint and a little elbow grease can do! 27 Use ceramic paint to create unique designs on the tile of your kitchen backsplash. 28 Using a neutral colour palette to give your home a timeless feel and make it a sophisticated space. 29 Rather than one complete tablesetting, mix and match pieces from different sets that work well together. 30 Display scarves, tapestries or large pieces of beautiful fabric from wooden dowels to create an instant piece of art for a large space. 31 Play with contrasting materials to create a unique look, like setting a glass vase on a wooden table. 32 Make a great first impression by adding a fresh coat of paint, a new knocker or a shiny door knob to your front door. 33 If you don’t have money to spend on a sleek new media unit use an old, antique armoire. 34 Use old pillows and sheets to make new decorative cushions. 35 Old sheets or unused bolts of fabric can easily be made into window treatments or a new shower curtain. 36 Use a great wallpaper to punch up an old shelving unit by papering the inside back section. 37 Repurpose old furniture with simple DIY weekend projects. For example, turn an old table into an ottoman for extra seating. 38 If you don’t want to use wall decals or wallpaper to accentuate a space, stencils are a wonderful way to add a little creativity and personality to a wall or door. Best of all, making your own stencil is a breeze. All you need is cardboard, paint and an exacto knife. 39 Get together with friends and neighbours and hold a swap meet where each person brings household items they no longer need or want and trade away. At the end, donate all the unwanted items to charity. This is a great way to way clear clutter in your home and to collect potentially precious decor items to refresh your home. 40 Add an accent without having to commit to painting the entire room. Paint the trim, doorjambs, windowsills, baseboards and around fireplaces in a complementary but contrasting colour. 41 Update your kitchen by having the cabinets professionally refaced, or sand, prime and then give them a new coat of melamine or oil paint yourself. 42 A large area rug or hallway runner can hide scuffs and worn hardwood and costs a lot less than having your floors refinished. 43 Cafe curtains give privacy, let in light and are easy to create yourself. 44 Cover old boxes of varying sizes with pretty paper such as leftover wrapping or wallpaper to make lovely storage containers. 45 A woven vintage basket or big bowl filled with seasonal fruits, vegetables or greenery makes a cheap and chic centerpiece for the dining table. 46 Wood moldings salvaged from the lumber yard can add architectural details to a room not just around the baseboards or ceiling but around window frames and in doorways too. 47 Install dimmers in the living room and bathroom to help create instant mood lighting. 48 Group together small framed pictures and art for maximum impact. 49 Update lampshades by adding hand-stitched accents or by gluing flat braided or tasseled fringes along the edges.