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And the winner is…

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What did you do Oscar weekend? Dress up, have people over and drink champagne while cringing at how horrible Joan Rivers looks now? Did you spend the weekend with a microwave full of popcorn trying to cram in the nominated movies so you knew who really should have won that golden statuette? Did you gawk at Angelina and think that Viola Davis really should have won for The Help even though you hadn’t seen any of the other nominated actresses? Sounds like a lot of fun. But guess what I did over the pre-eminent movie weekend? Watch Hollywood paint the town red? Nope, not me. Instead, I was busy painting my bathroom…for the third time! So I was getting a little cabin fever, I couldn’t stand my house. I hated the furniture, the fixtures, but most of all, I hated the paint. I wanted to get spring in my house and I wanted it FAST. No more browns, ochres and beiges. No wood trim and no, I mean absolutely no warm dark colours. I wanted whites, I wanted pastels, I wanted spring here and I wanted it now! So, down to the paint shop. I pick out a couple of paint chips and decide on a pale blue, almost white. I buy my paint and head home. I am going to paint my ensuite and get a head start on spring. First the primer. Then the first coat. Then I take a look. Maybe it’s the lighting. Maybe the second coat will make it all better. Nope. I have just painted my ensuite seafoam green. Aaargh. I know I said I wanted pastels but I feel like I have just stepped into a bathroom from Miami Vice. Back I go to the paint store. I want something more blue, I say. I come back and try it again. Ok. Yes, this time it is more blue…in a turquoise nightmare kind of way. There is no way a second coat is going to make this any better. I needed a breath of fresh air…literally. I think I lost a few brain cells painting in that little room. I decided I needed a walk. It was cold. It was rainy. It was slushy and disgusting. I came home chilled and shivering. When I walked in I was comforted by the fire in the grate and the hot chocolate in my cup. I realized that instead of thinking of the colours in my house as dark and depressing, I needed to see them as warm and inviting. Like Umbria and Arizona…warmth and sunshine…something welcome in this early spring season of grey wet cold. Back to the paint store. 3/4 Bronze Tone. Orange and warm. Just right. I had found my winner.