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Artist in Residence: Kandice Keith

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This year as part of Squamish ArtWalk we are proud to be showcasing the work of local artist, Kandice Keith. We spoke to her this week to discover what inspires her and how she came to live in Squamish!


When did you move to Squamish?

I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba originally but I moved here in 1991. We moved mainly for lifestyle and family. There’s so much to do in Squamish and we love the outdoors.

How did you get into painting?

I’ve been painting since 2001 and became a fulltime artist in 2013. My husband is an artist as well and I had a family full of artists and a very creative childhood.

What inspires you?

As well as the Squamish community, I paint a lot of wildlife, so for example I paint a lot of bears and the trail near our house has just been closed down because there is a mother and her cubs. There are bears around all the time, even going to my studio I have to watch out for them!

So being immersed in the wildlife and just the landscape itself – it’s amazing!

What is the art community like in Squamish?

Squamish is a place full of inspiration. I’m treasurer on the Arts Council and we have a lot of awesome community projects. It’s a lot of fun to be involved in.

Squamish is a great community and there’s a pretty awesome creative community as well.

How long have you been involved in Artwalk?

I was involved with Artwalk last year so this is my second year. Last year I was just in my own studio but this year I’m at two different locations – Black Tusk Realty and Green Olive Café.

How would you describe Artwalk?

Artwalk is a great opportunity to see all the amazing talent that Squamish has to offer and to meet different artists. There are some awesome venues showcasing the work and you can really see the variety that’s available.

Last year I was in my studio every Saturday and had it open to everyone so it was great to talk to people coming by. This year you can view my work at Black Tusk Realty as well and am always happy to come and meet anyone who wants to talk!


You can find out more about Kandice Keith and discover her art HERE.