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Brackendale Winter Eagle Festival

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This year the Brackendale Winter Eagle Festival and Count celebrates its 30th anniversary. Taking place at the Brackendale Art Gallery from January 3 until the end of the month, visitors can enjoy this incredible natural phenomenon.

Every year the festival brings a huge number of visitors to the area who come to see the eagles and learn about the local environment and wildlife.

Brackendale is known as the home of North America’s largest congregation of winter nesting eagles and has become a popular destination for birdwatchers and fans of wildlife.

Eagle count

The official count takes place on January 3 and is coordinated by Thor Froslev, Rachel Shephard and Patricia Heintzman, and conducted by trained volunteers for scientific purposes.

Unfortunately the official count is not open to participation by the general public, but visitors are always encouraged to go out and count on the many viewing tours. Last year’s count saw approximately 1617 eagles with count results being returned throughout the day.

Recent years have seen the number of eagles on the rise, which is great news for festival organizers and participants who had been worried about declining numbers.

Music and entertainment

Throughout the month there will be a number of events and concerts, including Ross Douglas and Alan Moberg.

Audiences will be treated to some incredible musicians, along with tasty dinners and a fantastic atmosphere.

Find out more information about the events HERE.

Get educated

The festival is also a great opportunity to get educated about the eagles, local environment and wildlife. There will be a multitude of experts and volunteers who are able to provide information on everything going on.

There will also be a series of lectures taking place throughout the festival. The Art of the Natural World Lecture Series covers topics from dinosaurs to sea otters and Squamish Nation culture.

For more information about the lecture series visit the official site.