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Buying a home in Squamish during the Covid-19 Outbreak

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As the novel coronavirus spreads around the word there is a lot of uncertainty in every industry. At Black Tusk Realty, our Agents and staff have all been isolating and working from home for the past few weeks, abiding by all recommended best practices.

However, business does continue to an extent and people are still buying and selling property in Squamish. Depending on which stage of the buying process you are in, we have provided a range of tips to stay safe while house hunting in Squamish.

As things are changing rapidly our main advice is to keep an eye out for the rules imposed by the local authorities and take this seriously. Do your part to stay home and going to viewings and open houses can wait.

Getting started? Get online

The simplest way to search for a property in Squamish is by going online. With advances in technology a lot of properties also have virtual home tours now using 360 degree imaging cameras so you can walk through each listing.

If you don’t already have one, reach out to a Realtor who will be able to talk you through every stage of the buying process, as well as providing advice and more information about the properties you are interested in. They can answer questions about the property without requiring you to physically be there. In some cases they may also be able to give you a virtual tour via video call.

Already found a home? Stay safe and take precautions

If you do decide to go for a physical tour before moving forward, ensure you stay safe. Drive yourself there instead of going with your agent, and coordinate before hand to ensure you maintain social distancing.

Wear protective gloves and avoid touching doorknobs and surfaces that other people may have touched. Wash your hands as soon as possible and make sure to use a hand sanitizer before getting back in your car after the visit.

Ready to sign? Be extra considerate with your finances

Now, more than ever it’s important to pay close attention to your personal finances before making a decision. Depending on your employment, take into consideration how your income could be affected by disruptions caused by the outbreak.

Mortgage rates will also be affected, so speak to your lender and stay informed and up-to-date as things develop.

Feeling rushed? Don’t panic buy

Buying a property is a big decision at the best of times. The last thing you want to do is panic buy a home. Take a step back and think rationally, not letting fear get in the way of your decision.

It’s important not to skip parts of the buying process as well, such as home evaluations and inspections in order to speed up the process. Speak to your Realtor and listen to their advice.