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Decorator Trends for 2014

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I have got all of my Christmas decorations away and the house is back to normal. But you know what? I am finding it kind of boring. The beige walls, the blah colours. It may be the sunshine outside that is making me want to spring clean and redecorate, but darn it, I am going for it! First stop – checking out the trends for 2014 some of them are a little over the top, but others I can totally embrace. Kitchen gemstones – bright colours on cabinets and counter tops  are all the rage, but a little more money than I can put into our kitchen right now, but I love having fun checking out the colour combos and dream by going on the Ceasarstone site  http://www.caesarstone.com.au/Visualiser.aspx Honey-toned woods big in the eighties but updated. Pic under 2 (2) 3. Turquoise – I LOVE this headboard! Now I just have to talk my husband into it! (note from Husband – not going to happen!) Pic under 3 This muted style, with just hints of turquoise might be an easier sell! I love the pairing  of turquoise and grey. And is that a trendy cat scratch post in the back? LOL! Pic under 3b 4. Hair on hide – don’t know if I can do this…unless it is faux, then I think it would probably be fun! I totally love the Cheetah print chair! The long fur chair makes me think that I will need to brush it at some point. Pic under 4pic under 4b 5.Inside out – the weather is mild, the fabrics are fierce…I could totally start sitting out in the sun in these great couches and chairs, and with the way the spring is shaping up, I think updating our patio furniture would be an awesome idea! Pic under 5pic under 5b So, I have a couple of great ideas from the 2014 trends, now, I need to decide how I am going to incorporate them into my place…Stay Tuned!