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Deep Fried Turkey, Part deux!

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So, last week I was contemplating the idea of immersing a 12lb turkey in 14L of oil. I was a little freaked out, but the sunny weather of the week before had me hoping that I could get a great ride in instead of hanging out cooking a turkey and all the fixin’s. Following Chef Michael Smith’s recipe that I got from the Food Network, I got the equipment ready – lots and lots of oil and thefryer kit. I decided that we would set up the stove and vat of fat in the driveway – the last thing I needed was to burn the house down because of a deep fried bird.  So, we follow the measuring instructions and get the oil hot. Then, we dried the bird, rubbed it down, and hoisted the turkey – with the help of a handy hockey stick – into the oil and put on the timer. 12lbs x 3min = 36 minutes of cooking time. Pretty damn hard to believe! But with the faith of one who has eight people for dinner and is totally screwed if this thing doesn’t work, I put on the timer and pray that the bird will cook.  38 minutes later, we take out the turkey. Deep Fried Turkey success I put it on the cutting board and, with a deep breath, start to carve.  And – Voila! The breast meat is juicy and well cooked. The thigh as well. Unfortunately, the wings are overdone, and the skin of the bird is fried and not that appetizing. So, to sum up, everyone enjoyed the turkey and I got my bike ride in. However, as I do enjoy (guilty pleasure alert!) eating the crispy skin of the baked bird, I might not do all of my holiday cooking in deep fat (though deep fried Mars bars do hold a certain allure!).