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Deep Fried Turkey!

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Turkey time is here and what better way to spend the day then slaving over the oven for hours while everyone else is…hold on a minute! I don’t want to spend my entire day cooking turkey while everyone is out having a great time getting in that last bike ride, or a great deal at the turkey sale in Whistler, or even just hanging out in front of the TV! So, I am taking a cue from the South and taking on deep fried turkey. deep-fried-cajun-turkey-recipe So, I too was freaked out about the idea of sticking a relatively healthy piece of meat in a vat of fat, but from everything I’ve read, the meat doesn’t soak up the grease. Apparently, when you put the bird in the hot oil, the oil seals the outside of the bird, keeping in the moisture while keeping the fat out. First things first, I need to get the right equipment. I am going to usechef Michael Smith’s recipe and he recommends using a commercial deep fat fryer, but while browsing online, I found that you can just head over to Canadian Tire and pick up a “Turkey Fryer Kit” . Next, is the oil. Fourteen Litres. FOURTEEN. OMG. Ok. I am going to go on faith here, and I am going to trust that turkey fried in FOURTEEN LITRES of FAT is going to be ok. Tune in next week to see how it all turns out… If the whole idea makes you question eating Turkey at all.  You can always do what the turkey is suggesting. eat_ham_turkey_xlarge Enjoy Thanksgiving!