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Developing Nordic Sports in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor

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When was the last time you were at the WOP? For me, it had been a couple of years. With young children, work, and a load of other commitments, I felt like driving out to the Callaghan to go Cross Country skiing was an extravagance that I couldn’t afford. However, driving a bunch of nine year olds up for a day of skiing, going to the Callaghan was not an extravagance, it seemed more like a chore. Or at least, I thought it was going to be a chore, until I arrived at the Lodge. It was beautiful. After hustling the kids in for their school lesson, I was able to take some time for myself. WOP park After a coffee on a couch by the fireplace, I had my self together enough to get my skis out and hit the trails. (Yes, I had to get myself together. You try driving five hyped up third graders up a windy mountain road after just hearing how all of them get carsick and how one of them had recently thrown up in another mom’s car on the way to a hockey game on the weekend.) It had been awhile since I had been out on skinnies, so I decided to take the Neverland trail out to the Olympic Biathlon Range. When I got out there, I had to stop and take in my surroundings. I was standing on the same snowy ground where Olympians had given their all in pursuit of gold. It was a feeling that I hadn’t had since I had stood at the site of the Barcelona Olympic Pool. I had not been to this spot in four years. I was awed. WOP park 2 I was out of shape, but even the literal pain in my ass from climbing up hills couldn’t dampen how great it felt to be out on the trails.  And then, I went in for lunch. Whistler Cooks Catering  is doing food for the lodge. There was an awesome selection of soups, paninis and flatbread pizzas. I had an amazing butternut squash soup that was just one more thing that was making this a really great day. Making it down the hill with the boys – sans barf in the backseat btw – made me think that living where I live, I should really be taking more advantage of the opportunities that the Olympic Park offers.  This is where I segue to a plug for the Callaghan Winter Sports Club (CWSC).  The CWSC is a Biathlon Canada and Ski Jumping Canada sanctioned club. We offer cross country, biathlon, ski jumping and nordic combined programs to children and adults at the Whistler Olympic Park, and coming soon at our new Squamish Legacy Park. Nordic For more information on the Olympic Park’s Spring break option check them out here.