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Planning, Planning and Planning. The renovation industry is a big business and that big business can quickly get out of hand if you don’t do your planning.  For example a typical basic new bathroom can be done for as little as $3,000.  However, it can expand very quickly if the home owner doesn’t do there budgeting and planning.  Those tiles you love can double the price of the floor, upgrade the tub type, bang out a wall while you are at it, change the fixtures to a nicer set and suddenly your $3,000 upgrade costs you 10 to 15k or more and you didn’t realize it. This is where the planning comes in.  Budget what you want, break out the costs and understand the costs.  When your flooring is $4 foot, plus $2 foot install and you have 200 sq ft of flooring.  What does doubling the cost of the floor do.  $4 to $8 not much well it takes your flooring from $1,200 installed to $2,000 installed or $800.  What does that do to your budget? Now add the other changes you want to make and figure out the costs.  Then get real with what you can afford. The next key, is finding the right contractor to do the job. This can be done at the same time as above if you need help figuring out costs. So how do your find that perfect contractor, ask friends, work mates, hey contact your Royal LePage Black Tusk Realtor for a couple of suggestions.  Then do the following:   Call their old jobs, how did they do?  Were they on time? On budget?  Are they covered by WCB? Are they ticketed? How busy are they? Remember you get what you pay for, sometimes saving a few bucks on a contractor will bite you in the butt later.