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Evaluating your Needs and Wants when Looking to Buy

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Home buying truly is a journey. There can be ups and downs, bubbles and bursts as well as moments of uncertainty and compromise. Important to the process, though, is determining your needs and your wants. It’s often too easy to confuse the two concepts or think of them as one and the same, but once you figure out which is which, and where your priorities lie, the search for your new home becomes a lot easier.

What do we mean by needs and wants?

Well, focusing on a key attribute, like three bedrooms, over being close to your local hiking trail is a perfect example. Don’t compromise your family’s comfort for a two-bedroom home close to the trailhead, when what you really need are three bedrooms for yourself and the kids. Bedrooms are necessary while, for most people, proximity to your favourite past time is a want. Remember that the lakes and trails won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

That’s just one example, but the same goes for wants like bigger garages, marble countertops or heated floors—you get the idea.

And it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the home buying journey, most people do. And how could you not? The prospect of searching for your dream home, whether it’s your first, second or third time doing so, is an exciting experience.

Excitement aside, it is important to determine what is truly a need and what could be considered a want. Think practical vs. purposeless. An easy way to do this is by discussing with your family and setting up some criteria.

What to think about

Here’s what you should consider: the location, the size of the house and the lot, which type of house you need, important amenities and your budget. These attributes are closely linked. Do you want to live in Brackendale or Downtown? Does the size of the house matter; do you have more little ones on the way? How about outdoor space? Will your bungalow need more room for your expanding business, or is a townhouse close to the golf course just perfect. Plus, there will be a lot of options, and you can narrow your search by being honest with yourself about your price range.

But hey! Don’t get overwhelmed, you already know what you like!

When thinking about these things, it’s helpful to think about what you already know. Where do you live right now? What do you like about it? What makes you tick?

Your experience up to this point is paramount to the home buying journey.

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