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Exploring Style and Making Choices – Renovations continued

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Your kitchen is somewhere you live.  You eat, work, play and entertain.  All of your life is centered in this spot, and this spot can also be the centerpiece of your home, but you need to be clear what you want.  You’ll want your new kitchen to suit your needs, but also your personality and the style of the rest of your home. Is your house traditional? Lots of wood with fine detailing, cabinetry-trimmed appliance, subtle shades and brass or brushed nickel hardware? Ceramic tile and hardwood flooring throughout the house?  Or do your tastes run more to the contemporary? Unbroken lines, high gloss finishes, monochromatic colour scheme?  Personally, my taste runs somewhere in between.  I guess you could call it eclectic. I like wood.  I like a bit of detail. But I like simplicity. I like clean lines and stone surfaces, but I am not interested in monochromatic. So where do we go from here? Cabinetry is a good next step.  While any type of cabinet can work in an eclectic kitchen, slab fronts are, in my opinion best used in the contemporary kitchen.  Coupled with a solid surface counter top with a straight edge, the slab front cabinets in a solid colour create a clean canvas that is perfect for showcasing sleek new appliances or the latest in haute cuisine.  More likely to be cooking hot cakes? The traditional breakfast at the breakfast nook type? Then your cabinetry tastes may run a little more toward raised panels or cape cod bead board – wood tones warm things up, glazes added to the finishes highlight recessed areas and give an antique look to cabinets. Depending on your budget, appliances can be fitted with cabinet fronts to keep the look traditional. If you prefer to keep things simple, stainless steel is a great option that fits in both contemporary and eclectic kitchens.  Black appliances are a handsome alternative to stainless steel and are perfect for the modern look.  White works well in small spaces and in traditional and casually appointed kitchens. Next Step …… Flooring