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Fall has come to Squamish

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The Granfondo has come and gone, and life returns to normal.  School and the cool grey weather mean fall has come back to the corridor, but that doesn’t have to mean that the fun is done.  Riding is still great in the trails and on the roads (if you haven’t had enough of the road and your bike seat after all of that fondo training).  On those clear days that I had to go to the city, I could look out over the Squamish spit and see all of the people enjoying kite-boarding and thought – there is definitely something to add to the bucket list. Apparently there are very few places in the world that offer the land/water/wind combo that you get off of the Squamish spit and, thanks to improvements made to the access to the launch area, it is easier than ever to get to the spit.  While the lakes around the area offer great places to learn, the waters off the spit allow the experienced to play and perform – it’s fun just to watch! As soccer lovers – and parents of soccer lovers – know, the soccer season is underway in the corridor.  If you haven’t had enough excitement watching the little guys this week, the big kids go at it this weekend: Quest University soccer players get busy on Saturday as they host the UNBC Timberwolves.  Coming out of pre-season wins against the Surrey United U18 teams, both the men’s and women’s Kermodes are set up well to take on the upcoming competition, and will be good games to watch from the spectacular Quest facility. Another fun thing to do, and super family friendly, is the mining museum at Britannia Beach.  I went there last year before the reno’s were completed with a five year old and we both loved it.  From the tunnel train ride, to the steam whistle to panning for gold, everyone on the tour seemed to have a great time.  We are planning a trip back this weekend to see all the great new things they added with the new renovations – my son is especially excited by the BIG dump truck out front. I have to say, I am pretty curious about what they added in terms of the new buildings and historically interactive things that were hinted at last year.  I also have to say that any excuse to stop in for a coffee and treat at Galileo is always welcome, and a little caffeine and carb loading before and after touring with a hyped up six year old boy who can’t wait to get on the BIG truck and the little train is the only way to keep up!