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Fall in Squamish

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As the weather gets colder and winter draws closer, there is still plenty to do in Squamish during fall.

There may be a little rain but the crisp days are perfect for hitting the trails on foot or bike. Climbers love the sunny fall days as they also bring fantastic conditions following the heat of the summer when climbing can get tough.

Here is our guide to fall in Squamish:


Even when the weather gets a little colder there is still plenty of fun to be had hiking. As the leaves change the landscape takes on a whole new look and you can find even more beauty wherever you go.

Fall has plenty of sunny days to get outside and even when it gets cold you can just wrap up warm and enjoy the area.


Autumn is probably the best time to hit the trails on your bike. The damper weather means that the dirt is in the perfect condition, free from dust or looseness.

Squamish is known for having some truly amazing singletrack mountain biking and the months following the summer are definitely the best time to check them out. You can find out more information on biking in Squamish HERE.

Farmer’s market

The Squamish Farmer’s Market is always a fantastic place to go, whether you’re looking for fresh organic produce or arts and crafts. During fall you can find and incredible range of food and veggies.

The market is especially popular during the lead up to Thanksgiving as locals stock up on pumpkins and veggies to fill their tables.

Eagle watching

Following summer the Squamish winter nesting eagles begin to return to the area and you can witness these incredible creatures in their natural habitat. Head to Brackendale, the home of the eagles and you will be amazed how many you see.

Find out more information on the Tourism Squamish website.


Climbing season is Squamish usually runs from early spring to late fall, but due to the heat of summer one of the best times to go is actually in fall.

Climbers from all over the world come to town every year to enjoy the famous Squamish rock. The draw of The Chief brings thousands of visitors and those who choose to visit during fall can experience fantastic conditions with fewer crowds.

You can see more information on climbing in Squamish HERE.