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Fall is Here Get Ready

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Fall is here. While the bright sunshine and sound of children’s voices out of school maybe lulling you into the false belief that summer is still in session, there is no denying that autumn is upon us. You can feel it nipping at you in the early mornings, in the shadows, or in the breeze that comes through at night.  The pictures on the television of Calgary in the snow let’s you know that winter is not far off, even if we get a gorgeous sunny reprieve.  So, now is the time to prepare for the inevitable change in season and make sure that both you and your home are ready to enjoy the winter weather when it gets here. To help you get going, and to make sure some of the little things don’t get forgotten, we have compiled a list of Fall to do’s:

  1. Get your heating and cooling system serviced. The last thing you need is the furnace breaking down during a cold snap in January!
  2. Inspect and repair roof – especially around chimney.  Melting snow and ice can accumulate around the chimney, and this is often where leaks occur.
  3. Inspect and clean fireplace and chimney.  Cleaning out the fireplace and chimney leads to better burning efficiency and less chance of unwanted fires later in the year.
  4. Trim tree limbs near roof and chimney. Protect your roof from snow shed, falling broken tree limbs and possible fire hazards by keeping the trees trimmed back.
  5. Check fire extinguishers.  Unwanted fires need to be put out fast, make sure you are ready.
  6. Cut and stack firewood. Plan on keeping the heating bill down by lighting a few fires? Best thing to do is get the wood split, dried and stored under a tarp so that you have the right material ready to burn and handy.
  7. Clean and lube garage door.  Creaks and groans are one thing, but a garage door that won’t close in the middle of the winter means extra heating bills and a cold start in the morning.
  8. Inspect and repair weather stripping around doors and windows. Drafts be gone! As well, small vermin use any way into the house – make sure a crack under the door is letting them enter easily.
  9. Remove screens and seal windows.  Screens are great for keeping bugs and pollen out, but they need to be cleaned and removed so that you can seal the windows (in plastic) to keep those winter drafts at bay.
  10. Clear outdoor hoses and sprinkling systems.  Whether you have in-ground sprinklers or just a hose laying outside, now is the time to blow any residual water out of the system to prevent the pipes/hoses from freezing and bursting when the weather turns cold.

So there you go… a great weekend project or two that can save you a lot of time, money and discomfort later on.