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Feeding Zone at the Test of Metal!

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The Test of Metal is coming to town this weekend, and it is truly a test of endurance – especially for those running the feed stations! This year, the Black Tusk gang will be back at Bonk Hill making sure that the hungry, thirsty, covered-in-mud testers of mettle make it through the next 30km. No easy task this. 800 riders will be hammering up the hill and they will want food and drink, and NOW! (Ok, well, let’s face it. Some of the riders will be hammering up the hill wanting to get through the station and keep on going, while others will be happy to just make it to the station, will be happy to chat with the vollies, will be more than willing to find any excuse to not get on their bike….) TestOfMetal-June14 Marianne Wilson will be leading a cast of characters that will include Black Tusk realtors (Dawn Mortensen, Eleanore McKenzie, Lisa Ames and Debbie Anderson), admin staff, and family (all 14 of them) to help keep the bikers on the go by passing out drinks and, if you ask nicely, they might even wipe the mud off your face! So what will these friendly givers of fuel and liquids give you when you see them on bonk hill, well they will give fuel that will help up and over the hill. Make sure you fuel up though, you will need it for the ride down the rip, through the plunge (with a quick fuel stop again) and then through the crumpet woods. Yes that means there is a long way to go, so take advantage of the BTR feed zone, maybe grab a Realtors card (just kidding, but you can bet at least one will have one) and fuel up.