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Finding a Realtor in Squamish – Qualities of a Great Agent

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Whether you’re buying or selling, a good real estate agent can make a massive difference and help the process run smoothly. To find the right Squamish Realtor for you it’s important to do your research and interview prospective candidates in order to ensure you have the best fit for you and your needs.

Here are some tips to help you find the right Squamish agent for you:


When it comes to real estate each market has its own intricacies, and Squamish is no different. As it is a smaller market it doesn’t follow the trends of wider areas and an experienced agent will understand this more than someone new to the area.

It’s also important to find a Realtor who has experience in what you’re specifically looking for. Different agents are often more experienced in some areas than others so be sure to ask questions relevant to your needs when interviewing agents.

However, it’s also important to know when a younger, less experience Realtor can benefit you – what they lack in experience they may make up for in terms of commitment and energy.


One thing to consider when looking for an agent is how committed to you they are. By that we mean that some agents are in so much demand that they may not have the time for you that you need. Find an agent that you know will have the time to dedicate to you when you need it.


A good Realtor is always learning, following the market, local and industry news. When you interview your potential agent make sure they are knowledgeable about the current market, potential future trends, and Squamish in general.

Good References

It’s always important to look at the references from previous clients when choosing an agent. This will give you an idea of their practices and how effective they are. If you have a personal referral from someone you know then this is even better. A great agent will have no problem putting you in touch with previous clients.

Well Connected

Whether you’re buying or selling there always tend to be other professionals involved in a real estate transaction. From lawyers to contractors and home inspectors, a Realtor should have connections in every field and be able to recommend them where required.


During the process of buying or selling you will be spending a lot of time with your real estate agent and talking regularly. It’s important that you’re compatible and get on well with each other to make the process as smooth as possible. Even the best agent in the world may not be the best match for you, so find someone who you can talk openly with and who listens to you.


A real estate transaction is probably the biggest financial decision in most people’s lives, so you need to be able to trust the person assisting you. A good agent will be open and honest with you and if a home isn’t a perfect fit they need to be able to tell you.

Good Negotiator

A great agent should have no qualms negotiating a better deal for you. This is a key skill and one that is essential for every Realtor. They will make sure everyone is happy at the end of the deal and ultimately secure you what you want and need.


If you’re looking for a Realtor in Squamish don’t hesitate to get in touch!