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Getting Ready to sell your Home – Step 4 Less is better

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When Phoebe moved out because she had to live in a place that could be messy, most of us could understand.  I mean, who could live with Monica? She was such a neat freak we were all pretty sure she was clinically OCD. While many of us wouldn’t want to be Monica, or to live with her, we would probably buy her place because we would know that it was clean, well ordered and taken care of. So how to make a prospective buyer think Monica Gellar was living in your house? (Don’t paint the place purple! The funky colours of the Friends apartments will not speed up your house sale…if anything, we suggest painting over any far out colours a nice shade of “resale beige!”) First, de-clutter and de-personalize, then, it is time to move things around.  Almost every home shows better with less furniture, so remove pieces of furniture that block or hamper paths and walkways and put them in storage. Empty and store bookcases so that buyers aren’t distracted by your taste in literature and you open up a wall. Remove extra leaves from your dining room table to make the room appear larger. Leave just enough furniture in each room to showcase the room’s purpose and plenty of room to move around. Now that you have moved stuff around on a large scale, it’s time to go small. This is where channelling Monica Gellar come in handy. Turn that tendency toward OCD on your closets and cabinets. Buyers love to snoop and will open closets and peak in cabinets. Imagine what a buyer will believe about you if she sees everything clean and organized. It says you probably take good care of the rest of the house as well. A few extra minutes spent alphabetizing spice jars, neatly stacking dishes, hanging shirts together (buttoned and facing the same direction) and lining up shoes will go a long way toward impressing the prospective buyer.