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Guide to Squamish Valley Music Festival

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Squamish Valley Music Festival returns for another year and it’s bigger and better than ever! Taking place from 7-9 of August, thousands of fans will descend on the town to witness their favourite bands and artists against the beautiful backdrop of the Squamish Valley. As it’s such a huge event we thought we’d help you out by giving you a complete guide to the festival:

What’s on?

An impressive roster of artists have been gathered for this year’s festival including Mumford and Sons, Drake, Sam Smith, Of Monsters and Men and Schoolboy Q to name a few. There is a huge range of talent on show covering practically every genre, so there is something for everyone. Find out the schedule on the official site so you can make the tough decisions over who to see in advance.

Getting there

The festival is taking place at Logger Sports Grounds and Centennial Fields in Squamish. There are a number of options on how to get there, depending on how far away you are located. Whatever you choose, the ride up the Sea-to-Sky is truly spectacular and only enhances the experience! For those not driving who do not live close enough to walk/bike, there are shuttle options from Whistler, Squamish and Vancouver. You can find all the information HERE.

What to bring

When preparing for a festival you need to be ready for all circumstances. That means waterproofs, sunscreen and appropriate footwear. Don’t forget the essentials such as tickets, ID, phone, money, clothes, directions/map and a tent (if you’re camping). It’s best to pack light to save the effort of lugging everything to the campground, so if you can live without something, then definitely leave it! There is food and water on site but it doesn’t hurt to pack some snacks just in case.


There are four camping locations on site this year, all within walking distance of the festival grounds. Three of the sites offer the same experience, while the fourth is a quiet site with a daily noise curfew. Camping sites accommodate a maximum of four people, so anymore and additional sites must be purchased. You can register your site on the day when you get there so it is best to know which site you want in advance. For more information visit the camping section of the official site.