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How to Choose The Right Realtor for You

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Choosing the right Realtor is an important process when buying or selling a property. You need to be sure that the Agent fully understands your needs and can get the best possible deal. You also have to like your Realtor, because after all you could potentially be spending the next few months working together. A Real Estate Agent must be someone who is trustworthy and you can rely on. Real Estate is an incredibly competitive market so you need someone who can handle that pressure and maintain your needs throughout. Don’t just go with the first Agent you speak to, shop around to find someone who fits with you.

Do your research

As with any important decision you should always carry out research first. Look up Agents in your area and check out their individual websites, branding and social media. Once you have spoken to a number of Realtors you will have a feel for which ones you like. At this point you can narrow it down and start asking for references and testimonials. It is always good to speak to previous clients to find out how the agent works and if they left their client happy. When selling a property find out how close the final sale price was to asking price. Previous clients will give you a great idea of the ability and work ethic of the agent. It is also a good idea to look at their social media and see how involved they are in the local area and Real Estate in general. From this you will get a clear picture of the particular agent.

Look for awards and credentials

Check your Realtor has all the proper credentials and follows the rules and regulations. Awards are also a good indication of a successful agent – if your Realtor has been recognised by their peers then you are usually in safe hands.

Look at their listings

Look at their current and past listings and see if it matches with what you are buying or selling. Realtors often specialise in a specific area, so if this fits with your needs you are onto a winner. If you are selling a property you can also gain an insight into how it will be marketed and what the reach will be.

Talk to them

Talking to your potential Realtor will give you a thorough inkling of whether you can work with them. The amount of time for a deal to be made can become very long, so a good connection is important. If you get on with them and they understand you then the process of buying or selling becomes a lot easier.   If you are looking for a Real Estate Agent in Squamish you can view all our Realtors HERE.