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How to Find a Great Contractor for your Squamish Home

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If you’re planning to build your own home in Squamish, or even remodel your existing property then you’ll most likely be hiring a general contractor to assist with the work. There are a lot of great general contractors in Squamish, but it can often be hard to find the right person for you.

Here are some tips to help you narrow down your search and find the best fit for your project:

Excellent communication

Regardless of how good a contractor may be, if you don’t connect then working together can be difficult. Everyone has their own way of working and if your styles don’t match then it’s best to find someone else.

In order to find the right fit be sure to interview potential candidates and see which you’re most comfortable with. A great contractor will have excellent communication skills and the ability to adapt to your way of working. For example, if you require constant updates throughout the project, they will happily provide them. On the other hand, if you prefer them to get on with it and only come to you with important issues then they will oblige.

Ability to listen

Great communication is only useful if your contractor has the ability to listen to your needs. As you discuss the project they will need to take in all the information and hear all your ideas, while also providing their advice on the best way to action them.

Specific experience

Depending on what your plans are, whether you’re building a home from scratch, or just remodelling, it’s important for your contractor to have experience specific to your goals. Not all homes are built the same and if your project has some unique nuances, finding someone who has experience in that area can make a massive difference.


A great contractor will be flexible and able to adapt to any issues that occur along the way. They will be willing to put in the extra hours where required and ensure that every stage of the process runs smoothly.

As you discuss the project with your contractor they will be able to point to areas that could potentially cause delays or problems and express how they can work through them.


Before you engage with your contractor be sure to conduct your due diligence. Check online reviews, ask for referrals or testimonials and speak to your Realtor to ensure that the company are who they say they are.

A great contractor will happily provide references from previous clients and may even put you in touch. If possible, try to see some of their previous work in person as this will give you the best idea of the quality of their work.


For more information on hiring a general contractor in Squamish, get in touch with one of our local Realtors.