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It’s cold outside

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So what do you do when the weather turns cold? Or wet? Or you break your leg and can’t get off the couch and run, ride or rock climb? Read a book of course.  Ok, so maybe some of you might have opted for a movie, and trust me, I am all about a couple of action movies (Thor, the Batman series, can’t wait for the Avengers!) and a bowl of popcorn, but sometimes a little intellectual stimulation is in order.  So obviously, the next place to think about is the library (ok, if you’ve got a Kindle the library may not be your first thought, but run with me on this one).  Luckily the library here in Squamish not only has books, it also has an adult book club that meets between 12:00 to 13:00. This month, the book club met to discuss the book Shelter by Frances Greenslade, a Canadian novel that describes the beauty of the BC wilderness.  Interested in making it to the next meeting? Contact Nancy (604-892-3110) or visit theSquamish Public Library site: Interested in the digital delivery of books, but not quite ready to let go of the paper version? Want to test the waters before taking the plunge? The Squamish Public Library has five Kobo eReaders to be lent out. These readers are pre-loaded with a large number of fiction and non-fiction titles and can be borrowed for up to three weeks.  Check it out to check it out! eReaders