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Living in Squamish and Working in Vancouver

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It may or may not come as a surprise, but many Squamish residents actually work and commute everyday to Vancouver.

People visiting from the city often ask our agents about how easy this lifestyle choice is, whether the commute is difficult, and if the move is for them. We spoke to our agents, along with some of their clients who make the journey, and put together some information to help those interested.

The commute

This is the big one for the majority of people – what is the commute like? The length of the commute depends on where in Vancouver you work and what hours you work.

For those working on the North Shore the commute is fairly traffic-free as it doesn’t involve crossing the bridge and is on average around 45 minutes, and often less. Those working downtown or in Burnaby will be looking at an hour (or more depending on traffic/time of commute).

However, everyone we spoke had positive things to say about the drive. Those familiar with the area know the incredible landscape and scenery and when added to that the benefits of living in Squamish, the commute was no big deal.


One of the largest factors in people considering a move to Squamish from Vancouver is housing. As prices rise in the city, many people are looking further afield in order to accommodate their budget.

Obviously this could see house prices rise in surrounding areas, as well as a diminished inventory, but the fact remains that compared to the city these areas will typically have lower prices.

As a smaller community, Squamish does feel the pressure of influx from the lower mainland buyers in a more dramatic fashion. It often does not take much to move the market in a positive or negative way based on supply and demand. However, there should be an easing of this pressure moving forward as several large scale developments are in the planning stage.

The lifestyle

When deciding to live in Squamish, lifestyle plays a huge role. It is such a special place with so much to offer for everyone – whether you are a family, couple or single, active, working or retired, Squamish has a diverse community with more and more people looking to call it home.

Possibly most famous for activities such as climbing and mountain biking, Squamish is also the location for a plethora of water sports on the Howe Sound. It has the largest population of winter nesting eagles in Brackendale, and has a university, six elementary schools, one middle school and one high-school, in addition to two private elementary schools and one private high-school.

The proximity to both Vancouver and Whistler also offer an incredible amount of flexibility to residents, which is a massive factor when choosing to live here.

Making it work for you

The important thing is that this is the right decision for you. Talk with your family, friends and colleagues, and decide what you want. After that our agents are always here when you need more information or just to chat, so feel free to get in touch!