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More outside tips for selling the house

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Spring is in the air, people are out and about, looking at homes and thinking about new beginnings. A lot of times, people will just be walking the neighbourhood and see something they like. The best way to catch their attention is by having curb appeal. Things to do around the house that will get it in great shape to show to potential buyers Outdoor Lights – make sure they are clean, check to see if any of them need new light bulbs Windows – have them professionally cleaned – inside and out. They need to sparkle and reflect the lights that you have just cleaned and put new lights in! (more thoughts on that, see our previous blog) No cobwebs – on lights, in corners, around the front door. They are uninviting, unattractive and let’s face it – just plain yucky! Not what you want prospective buyers to see. No dead lawn – get rid of it! Re-seed, re-sod, do whatever it takes. Healthy and happy is what you want people to see. You want them to imagine playing on your lawn, not have them thinking about dustbowls and prairie/cowboy movies with tumbleweed blowing through the front yard. Plant bright flowers  – check to make sure they are appropriate for the area. Are they sun/shade friendly? Do they work in our climate http://www.plantmaps.com/interactive-british-columbia-plant-zone-hardiness-map.php? The last thing you need is to spend money on plants only to have them turn brown and die because you just grabbed some “pretty flowers” – dead flowers are not the right look for any kind of curb appeal. Fresh Mulch  – this is a good way to set off flowers from grass, and makes the yard look tidy and fresh. Paint front door, trim, gutters – you don’t have to paint the whole house but details are important and a fresh coat of paint (especially around the entrance way) will do wonders for making your house seem inviting to buyers. New hardware on front door  – nothing is worse than rusty doorknobs! It doesn’t take much to get some new hardware. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or cost a lot, it just has to look good! Pick up all toys and garden tools – the yard should be like the house – clean and clutter free. Again, we want the lookers (also known as potential sales!) to see themselves relaxing in your yard, not thinking about taking care of the kids (if they have them) or doing the work that it takes to keep your yard looking so good. Don’t like working in your garden, or it is just too much of a mess.  Try these local landscapers, they will have your place looking clean, bright and appealing in no time. Spectrum Landscapes 604-892-5015 Latham Landscaping 604-892-4467