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Need Something to keep you busy?

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Need something to keep you busy? Need a goal to get you outside? Want to challenge yourself while getting in shape for the beaches this summer?  Well, look no farther than the Bob MacIntosh Squamish Triathlon is coming up in July and now is the perfect time to start training. Need a little help in that regard? Well, got that covered too! The Squamish Titans offers a full range of practices and as an added bonus, they are starting endurance rides on Saturdays.  The beauty of training for a triathlon is that you never get bored…between swim workouts, bike rides and runs, you never have time to get tired of what you’re doing.  You will get tired, sure enough, but that’s a good thing.  Tired means that your muscles are working and that pesky winter weight gain is being whittled away.  Swimming gets your back and abs in shape, biking works your legs and butt, while running just burns a whole lot of calories. Triathlon training is addictive, as is the ability to eat and drink with – if not quite abandon – a happy knowledge that a few carbs here and there will help you meet your goals. The Food Pyramid for Swiss Athletes  is an easy to use guide developed specifically for athletes. Once you are hooked on triathlons, there are a multitude of races throughout the province which are set out on the TRIBC website.   If you want to head further afield, there are races of all length and description happening around the world.  Of course, the most exciting Olympic Distance Triathlon will be in London this summer. Go CANADA!