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Open House Dos and Don’ts

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If you’re in the process of looking to buy a property in Squamish, the chances are you have been to an open house. This can often be an interesting experience and if it is something relatively new to you, it could potentially feel a little daunting.

There is some etiquette around open houses, so we spoke to our agents to get their top dos and don’ts for a Squamish open house.

DO bring your agent

Buyers sometimes assume it would be rude to bring their agent to an open house, however, open houses are commonly hosted by the seller’s agent and it is general practice to have your agent present.

Having your agent there can also help as they will often spot things that you miss and their experience is a valuable asset you should make full use of!

DON’T make trouble with the hosts

The listing agent is responsible for the home during an open house and it is normal for them to ask certain things of guests, such as signing in. This is simply a security procedure, but one that some guests may take issue with.

Remember that the listing agent is just doing their job and maintaining their clients best interests so ensure you treat them with respect.

DO open every door

Open houses can feel a little weird at first, after all you’re in someone else’s house and it’s easy to think that some areas are off limits. However, remember the entire purpose of the open house is to sell the property!

With that in mind it’s normal that you will want to go in every room and open every door. Don’t worry about intruding, it is expected that you will be looking through every room.

DON’T open every cupboard or drawer

While opening every door and visiting every room is fine, you should obviously respect personal areas like wardrobes, medicine cabinets, and underwear drawers etc.

Even the most curious of buyers has no need to go snooping in private drawers so remember to be polite and respectful.

DO take brochures and fliers

Most sellers will have some print outs for buyers to take home which will provide details on the property along with some photos. These often make it easier to keep track of the properties you have visited and will serve as visual reminders.

Some sellers will also provide details of any inspections, repairs or renovations which can be very useful to read through to help compare with other properties.

DON’T voice criticisms out loud

Not every home will be for you and you may find aspects of a property that you don’t like. This is fine, but make sure to only discuss your opinions with your agent or family members. Voicing your criticisms loudly at the open house is very impolite and can influence other potential buyers which is unfair to both them and the seller.

DO bring your children

When buying a new property it’s important to think about your children and let them be a part of the decision. With that in mind it’s absolutely fine to bring them to the open house, just be sure to keep them with you at all times so that they don’t disrupt other guests.

If you suspect your kids may cause trouble make sure there is someone with you who can take them out for a while should they get bored or restless.

DON’T make a mess

One of the most important rules of an open house is to treat each home like your own. So be sure not to make a mess and remove your shoes if required and don’t litter if snacks or drinks are provided.