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If you live in Squamish, you know that some of the best stuff that happens around here happens out there.  Outside our doors is Mother Nature at her finest.  We have mountains to climb, gorges to surf and snow to ski. And we do the best we can to get our kids into it.  The thing about taking our kids out, and ourselves for that matter, is that though nature is beautiful, Mother Nature can be a b****if you aren’t prepared. One way to learn what you need is to go out and experience it.  Problem with that is, experience is often what you get when you don’t get what you want, and when you don’t get what you want out in the backcountry, you can get dead…or at least really hurt.  Now, we know that most of us actually want to enjoy our time in the wilderness, and one of the ways to do that is to learn about how to survive (and watching James Franco in 127 Hours doesn’t really count in my books). One of the places to do that is to check out the North Vancouver Outdoor School  Since 1969 the Outdoor School has been an overnight field school and educational resource for experiential environmental studies situated on 165 hectacres (420 acres) of ecological reserve in the Cheakamus River Valley. There is a chance to check out the Paradise Valley campus and learn more about what the Outdoor School has to offer:  the salmon hatchery, farm, Salish bighouse, archery, forest lab, paper-making, microscope studies, crafts, discovery walk and canoeing. This family fun day open house starts at 10:30 on Sunday, May 6th and along with the other fun stuff there will be a BBQ, picnic food, healthy snacks & beverages.