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Plants and Nature to help you spruce things up.

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Green is the new neutral: Plants and other bits of nature brought inside are a great way to liven up a room! 61 Fresh-cut flowers are a lovely way to brighten up a space. Phalaenopsis orchids and calla lilies can last up to two weeks if you keep them out of direct sun and replace the water every couple of days. Or, once spring arrives, cut fresh stems from your garden every few days. 62 A woven vintage basket or big bowl filled with seasonal vegetables or fresh cut garden greenery makes a cheap and chic centerpiece for the dining table. 63 Organize your kitchen drawers and cupboards and display items that are used frequently. Pack away items that are rarely used. 64 Decorate a window ledge in the kitchen with small potted herb plants. 65 Give plants a bigger presence in your home by filling large cachepots and vases with packing peanuts or bubble wrap and placing small plants on top. 66 Add a dash of no-commitment colour to a neutral-toned room with a vibrant potted plant or fresh flowers like a fantastic fuchsia orchid. 67 Give bathrooms a breath of fresh air with the addition of humidity-loving plants like bamboo stalks. 68 For a nature-inspired look, fill in floor gaps with grouted beach rocks or pebbles. This works especially well in doorway thresholds. 69 Use nature to help decorate. Fill a clear mason jar with fall leaves or display beautiful branches and sticks in a large vase. 70 Look to the sea for inspiration. A giant clam or oyster shell makes a wonderful small decorative bowl for candy, potpourri, soap or jewelry. 71 Use fruit to add colour when decorating. Citrus fruits like lemons, limes and oranges arranged in a bowl or platter can instantly brighten up a table or countertop. 72 In the kitchen, add colour and eye-catching detail by displaying jars of preserves in a row. 73 If you don’t have a green thumb but still want a little nature in your home, decorate with succulents, which are easy to maintain.