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Raising a Family in Squamish

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One of the most common reasons we find people give for moving to Squamish is settling down to raise a family.

Whether you work in the city, come from neighbouring areas, or were born and bred here, Squamish is a fantastic place to raise a family.

Kids here have the best of both worlds, with easy access to one of the best cities in the world, and a backyard filled with fun and adventure. There are so many activities in Squamish and the surrounding areas, that you can be sure your kids will never be bored!

Fantastic local schools

One of the most important things to look for when looking for somewhere to settle down, is the local schools. And Squamish has great schools.

With five elementary schools and two high schools, there is plenty of choice. You can find a full list of the district schools HERE, but rest assured, whatever you choose, your child will have access to passionate teachers, top notch resources, and a great group of peers.

An ideal location

Squamish is perfectly along the Sea to Sky Highway, just a short drive north from Vancouver. This means that those working in the city can still happily commute, while enjoying the quieter lifestyle Squamish offers.

The town and the surrounding areas are simply beautiful and it’s almost a given that every home comes with an incredible view of mountains or The Chief. Natural beauty meets modern conveniences in Squamish, giving children a wonderful environment to grow.


An incredible backyard

With a backyard filled with lakes, mountains, coastline and rivers, it’s easy to see why Squamish is Canada’s outdoor adventure capital.

Growing up here your children will have access to all the area has to offer and you can be sure they will be comfortable on snow, dirt, water and rock! There are endless activities to choose from, making family life a great adventure.

A wonderful community

Along with all the activities and natural beauty, Squamish is also filled with wonderful people. With so many people choosing to move to Squamish from surrounding areas, the community is incredibly diverse but still maintains a close feel.

Events such as the farmers’ market showcase this perfectly. Take a stroll downtown and you can always be sure to see a friendly, welcoming face. Those who make the town their home will immediately be embraced into the community and will easily see why this is a fantastic place to live.