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Renovations – Kitchens

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Where do you spend your time? What would you consider the center of your home life? Where do the kids do homework, dinners get cooked, and party guests congregate? If you answered the kitchen to one or all of the questions then you are like many (most?) of the rest of us, where the kitchen is the place where it all happens.  It is also the place where we like to change the most.  Kitchens in modern homes are like our outward faces to the world.  We may balk at plastic surgery on ourselves, a little face lift (or some major work) on our kitchens is something most home owners are more than willing to jump into.  If you are thinking about giving your mess area a makeover, there are a number of things to consider.  What style do you have in mind? Are you a traditionalist or into the latest in contemporary fashion? Maybe you’re a bit of both with a little something extra thrown in? Next, consider your space.  Are you in a one bedroom condo or a four bedroom rancher? An open layout with lots of room to play with or a wartime kitchenette and no square footage to spare? Not only will the answers to these questions help you plan your layout, they will help you plan your budget as well. Budget. I know, it should be a four letter word, but it needs to be done.  Do you have the money to blow out walls and refit the entire place or does your budget go more toward a can of paint and some new knobs on the cupboards? Either way, knowing what you can spend (vs. what you want to spend) can help make those renovations much less painful than your average nip and tuck. Up next…Exploring style and making choices