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Sea to Sky Gondola

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The last blog discussed the exciting new mini-golf course coming to Squamish.  The other big tourist attraction coming is the Sea to Sky Gondola up the Chief, this project is looking to capitalize on the 500,000 people who stop at the Chief and Shannon falls. The project looks to begin construction in March of this year, with a planned opening for May 2014.  I have been up the Chief and the view is spectacular, so this project will definitely open it up to a larger number of people who don’t want to do the hike up. There is also going to be economic benefits.  According to the website the Gondola will employ 30 to 50 full time staff, plus the construction of the Gondola and related buildings with pump a fair bit of funds into the community. There was an open house on the project on Thursday January 24th at the office for the project in down town Squamish, where the team and the supporters of the Sea to Sky Gondola toasted the project and thanked invited community members for their support. For more information visit the Sea to Sky Gondola Page.