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Small Expenses, big returns – last of the 99 list!

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It’s amazing what you can find if you keep your eyes and ideas open! 74 Oversized cushions in bright colours are a great option for extra seating. 75 Knitted throws are a wonderfully warm accent in a family room or on the end of a bed. 76 Trays can provide conveniently movable tabletop displays. 77 Keep big ticket items like a bedframe, sofa or dining table simple. Pick something with a clean design that will work with almost any style. 78 Perk up your bathroom decor with beautiful pieces like a heavy cut-glass tumbler as a toothbrush holder or a pretty Victorian-inspired tea saucer as a soap dish. 79 Use table and floor lamps to create a soft glow instead of harsh overhead lights. 80 Don’t shy away from big pieces of art. One large, central piece can make a small space feel more spacious. 81 Update your bedroom decor by buying new bed sheets and pillow cases. 82 Instead of buying a new armchair or sofa invest in (or make your own) slip cover. It’s easier and cheaper than reupholstering and provides a wonderful blank canvas to decorate around. 83 For an instant update to cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom, change the door knobs and pulls. 84 The Internet is a hotbed for deals on furniture and accessories. Sites like craigslist, Kijiji and eBay are all excellent places to hunt for a bargain. 85 New lampshades are cheaper than buying a whole new light fixture and can have the same impact on a room’s decor. 86 Install mirrors opposite windows or doorways in dark, narrow spaces like hallways to create the illusion of space. 87 Cut standard tiles and arrange them into a unique pattern or finish for a customized backsplash or foyer. 88 Being on a budget doesn’t mean your home decor has to look cheap. Mix and match lower-end items with high-end sale pieces, vintage accessories and flea market finds. 89 Make or buy a new shower curtain to create a fresh new feel in the bathroom. 90 Display a stack of folded towels in the bathroom. Learn how to fold a towel for display. 91 Flea markets, secondhand shops and garage sales are great places to search for interesting furniture and accent pieces on the cheap. 92 When decorating on the cheap, shop for pieces with a critical eye. Don’t buy something just because the price is right. Make sure you need and love it as well. 93 Floor sample sales and once-a-year warehouse clearances are great places to find heavily discounted designer pieces. Go to your favourite designer furniture stores and sign-up for their mailing list to get updates about sales. 94 Changing window treatments can take a room from dark and dusty to light and airy. 95 New throw pillows and cushions add a dash of colour to a room and can update a tired sofa or chair. 96 A new bedskirt can do a lot to improve the decor of a bedroom. 97 Small country auctions that antiques dealers stay away from, are a sure place to find bargains. 98 Update your kitchen by adding pretty seat cushions to kitchen table chairs.

99 Buy pieces that can be used in more than one way-a side table that works as a desk or seating that offers storage.