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Disc Golf is taking the West Coast by storm and Squamish has a new addition in the form of Garibaldi Springs Disc Golf Course. The course is in a beautiful wide open setting, with lots of little lakes, and follows the same route as the golf and soccer-golf course. It is very fun to play and the staff are very helpful and friendly.

Everything Disc Golf

Disc Golf, also known as Frolf or Frisbee Golf, is a fast growing sport that began in Canada and is taking over North America. The sport follows the same idea of golf with a set number of ‘holes’ across a designated course. Participants throw their discs (special types of Frisbee) into metal baskets with the same scoring system as golf. The aim of the game is to get the lowest possible score. Players play with a variety of discs made for distance or putting, and can opt to throw in a huge array of styles and techniques in order to achieve their goal. The game is incredibly fun and you should definitely give it a go!

Disc Golf in Squamish

There are a number of existing courses in Squamish with Garibaldi Springs the most recent addition. The new course opened this month and has already held a successful tournament and gained wide recognition as a great course. You can play for $10 a day or $149.99 for a season pass and kids under 12 can play for free. Discs are also available for purchase or rental on site. Following the first competition, as part of the British Columbia Disc Sports winter tour, competitors were full of praise for the course and said it really “was something special”. The course is definitely special. The holes offer a mix of wide open distance orientated shots and very tricky technical sections where you must avoid the hazards at all costs! There will no doubt be lost discs if you’re not too careful and get carried away.

Other Courses

There are quite a few disc golf courses scattered all along the Sea-to-Sky which can be found on the Disc Golf Course Review site. There are a growing number in the Vancouver area and a particularly fun course nestled all the way up in Whistler. The Whistler course runs along the side of Lost Lake Park and weaves in and out of open areas and tricky tree sections. Well worth a trip!