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Squamish Home to Tesla Supercharger

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Squamish is growing more and more as a business hub. The town is expanding with new office developments and a strong real estate market. Last year Squamish made a new addition to the town in the form of a Tesla Supercharger – the first of its kind in Canada. The charging station, which charges the companies Model S electric car, takes only 20-30 minutes to complete a half charge with each charge allowing approximately 425 kilometres of travel. Located at the Garibaldi Shopping Centre, the station is one of 102 in North America and allows users to make a zero-emissions journey from Vancouver to Whistler completely for free.

San Diego to Whistler

When completed the station was the final stop on a huge Tesla road trip all the way from their offices in San Diego up to Whistler. The trip was a success and perfectly highlighted just how impressive the electric cars really are. Before the opening of the Squamish station the nearest charging point was located in Seattle. The new BC edition is said to be one of many more to come.


Squamish and the Sea-to-Sky

The Squamish location of the charging station is fantastic for the area. With the ability for any Model S owner to travel for free between California and Whistler there is sure to be an increase in traffic. Squamish is always aiming to push for new things and grow as a town and this addition sums up that effort. There are more than 30,000 Tesla electric cars on the road with that number increasing dramatically as they grow in popularity. More and more businesses are choosing to locate in Squamish, including most recently, Pinkbike’s decision to open an office. The town is a popular choice given its great location between Vancouver and Whistler, as well as the way it embraces new businesses. At Black Tusk Realty we have seen an increase in popularity of commercial real estate as more and more companies look to Squamish for their new location. If you would like more information on commercial properties and the benefits of choosing Squamish as a business location, get in touch with one of our Realtors today.