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Squamish Spring Activities

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With Spring on its way, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing activities you can do in Squamish! They don’t call it the Outdoor Capital of Canada for nothing, and with so many options to choose from, where do you begin? As locals, here are a few things that we ourselves look forward to or offer up as suggestions for visiting house guests.

Squamish Craft Tasting Trail

If local drinks are something you’d like to indulge in, why not make the most of it by walking or biking the Squamish Craft Tasting Trail. Still in its first few years of creation, you can make this trail as long or as short as you’d like. We suggest picking up the ‘Trail Passport’ from the Squamish Adventure Centre (or any participating business) and collecting the stamps as you go. Rumour has it, if you collect all the stamps and hand them back in, you’ll get a prize! From local brews to craft made ciders, this trail is sure to bring a world of flavour.

Britannia Mine

For an educational and fun learning experience, take the ten-minute drive down to Britannia Beach and go for a tour of the Britannia Mine Museum. Not only is it a beautiful drive (for an added trip, take a stop at Murrin Provincial Park) but it’s a great way to learn about B.C.’s mining past, present and future. With interactive, hands on experiences you can try gold panning, go on an underground tour or watch their new live-action special effects film, BOOM!

Perfect for all ages, and especially great on rainy days!

Check out the Waterfalls

This is the perfect time of year to catch some of B.C.’s best waterfalls. As the snow melts, and periods of rain occur, it makes for a great display of cascading water, one you don’t want to miss. Luckily, Squamish is full of them! Shannon Falls Provincial Park is a great place to start – with several trails leading up and around it, you can catch it from all angles. Crooked Falls up the Upper Squamish Valley is another, and even wandering around many of the bike trails and through Coho Park from Squamish to Alice Lake will display others. If you fancy a drive up towards Whistler, Brandywine Falls and Alexandra Falls are other larger displays that are worth the effort.

Get Your Heart Rate Up

This is Squamish after all, and with summer on its way – this is a perfect time to condition your body so you can fit in all those amazing athletic challenges. Take yourself out for a hike, rent a bike and hit the trails, try your hand at climbing, slacklining or bouldering. Rent a paddleboard and head to the lakes or go on a rafting tour. For those looking to stay more indoors, there are plenty of options. Check out the Climbing Centre, go for an indoor bounce at Airhouse, try the Ninja Gym or join a class at many of the various gyms and yoga studios in town.

Indulge in the Arts

Full of many talented artist and artisans, there is no shortage of places to check out great art in Squamish. Brackendale Art Gallery is a great place to start, and even features live events (check their website for more details). Stop by a local pub or coffee shop to hear some local musicians or keep your eye on the Refresh Market dates to support artisans. Take a stroll on the many river dykes in Squamish to see local sculptures or stop by our office to check out a local featured artist that we regularly display on our walls at Black Tusk Realty.

Finally, it wouldn’t be Spring without a little indulging. Stop by the local bakeries, food trucks, cafes, tea shops, ice cream stands or chocolate shops to satisfy your sweet tooth!