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Studying at Quest University in Squamish

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Quest University in Squamish was just voted 10th prettiest campus in Canada! A fantastic university, in a great location, Quest has a lot to offer for prospective students.

Choosing a university is a big decision and one that should not be taken lightly. There are so many factors to consider including cost, reputation, campus life and the surrounding area. We spoke to alumni student and entrepreneur, Leif Early, about his decision to attend Quest University in Squamish and how it came at quite an unexpected time.

“I first heard about Quest when I was living in Whistler and was visiting with my cousin,” Early begins. “It was Quest’s open house day, my cousin wanted to go, and I just wanted to hang out with him, but the minute I walked into the atrium and saw how beautiful the campus was and how clearly the university represented acceptance, a celebration of learning and a strident attempt at equality – I instantly knew I wanted to go there and it was only a matter of time.”

Life on Campus

Classes at Quest are kept small and only one class is taken at a time to fully immerse yourself in the topic. As a student, Early valued the diversity of courses that everyone is required to take. Subjects ranged from nanotechnology and creative writing, to global politics and logic and reasoning processes.

“It really offered me so much context of the world and a skillset to approach new things in my life,” says Early. Students live on campus all four years to ensure a true Quest experience.

It is a culture and atmosphere of constant learning where immersion is the fast track to absorbing as much as a student possibly can. Even if one of the required courses is not initially of interest, it is there to improve the student’s education in and outside of the classroom.

Studying in Squamish

Attending university in a beautiful place like Squamish definitely has its perks. The town is situated at the base of a mountain and right next to the ocean. Outdoor recreation is available year-round and there is always an activity to take on in a beautiful natural setting.

“I absolutely loved the Squamish area, and I feel a thrill every time I go back to it. Skiing in Whistler, hiking The Chief a bunch, going out to the ocean and out to the spit – running on the mountain biking trails and camping by the river,” Early beams. “The fact that it’s only the 10th most beautiful university in Canada makes me want to see the other ones because it’s really hard to imagine one more beautiful than that!”

Prospective Students

For those that are considering studying at Quest, this alumni believes it is important to think about what and how you want to learn. To examine how the world is changing including the job market, and what skills will be valued in ten to twenty years.

“If we have a lot of tech that will change what humans are doing, then creative thinking, problem solving and cooperation will be the most valuable of the 21st century,” says Early. “Regardless of what is the most lucrative, what will creativity and problem solving do for you as the world continues to change? How adaptable will you be to a changing world?”

Early’s entrepreneurial lifestyle has led him down a path of working with companies that offer people better ways to stay safe through “Smart Home” technologies. “I feel fulfilment by the work I do—giving people better options. Especially through technologies connecting others.”

Quest has become internationally known for its immersive learning experience and breathtaking views of Squamish. It’s easy to see why prospective students looking for a unique learning endeavour and a surrounding environment of outdoor recreational activities would look no further than Quest University.