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Test of Metal

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It’s time to test your mettle! The annual Squamish bike race begins at 11:00 on Saturday June 15. Sold out since January, the battle of the bike begins Brennan Park Recreation Centre with 800 riders and 1600 tires ready to go. Spectators at the start line will be able to feel the energy and at the gun will be totally amazed by the bright blur of colorful jerseys as they all move up to the challenges ahead. While each racer must be prepared with everything they think they will need to finish the race – including food, fuel and tools. That said, there will be volunteers manning aid stations – some of our own BTR realtors will be out there in fact (watch for the BTR tent) – as well, there will be angels of mercy in the guise of “Ambassadors” riding the course with tubes, food and tools to help if you get in a pinch (or get a pinch flat a number of times like I do!). photo 1 The Powerhouse Party zone is a great place for spectators as the riders go through twice. The first time through most of the riders are smiling. The second time through the smiles are replaced by grimaces and pain, because, while on paper the Test is a 67-kilometre course with over 1,200 meters of climbing and 35 kilometers of single-track, off paper, it’s nine-mile hill, it’s the plunge, it’s cramping and crying and climbing, and at the end, it is the knowing that you have tested your mettle, and as you cross the line – no matter what the time – that you came, you climbed and you conquered! Thinking about trying it out next year? Check out the SORCA roller nights  (that’s wind trainer not roller derby) and the eponymous Troy’s training program