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The Test of Metal 2015

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Canada’s most famous x-country bike race, The Test of Metal, returns to Squamish on June 20. With 67km of trails consisting of 1,200 metres of climbing and 35km of singletrack, the Test of Metal is a true test for all those taking part! Every year thousands of spectators and hundreds of competitors descend on Squamish for an unforgettable day of events, not limited to the race. For the riders they can expect a gruelling race that can take anything from 2 ½ hours to 6 hours, whilst spectators are treated to an incredible event and much more.

The Ride

Nearly 1000 riders will take part in the race, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary as the Nesters Market Test of Metal. The start of the race takes place at 11am at Brennan Park in Squamish and is a spectacular thing to witness, as riders speed off jostling for position. There are food and drink locations along the course, but riders must be prepared and should bring their own supplies. There are also Ambassadors riding along the course who are loaded with food and water just in case other riders get desperate. See a full course map HERE.

What’s On?

There’s more than just the race to entertain spectators. Whilst awaiting the finish spectators at the finish line, located at Loggers Sports Ground, can take part in the CrossFit Squamish Strength in Stone competition. There are also tons of vendors at the finish line including food trucks and a beer garden. There are lots of good viewing areas along the course for you to choose from. Obviously you should definitely not miss the start of the race – hundreds of nervous competitors speeding off in a blur of colour and dust, but there are more places along the way. The Powerhouse Party Zone is one of the favourite viewing areas as riders pass this section twice. Great viewing areas can also be found pretty much anywhere along the 35km of singletrack. Spectator shuttles are provided to take people from the start line to the Powerhouse Zone and then on to the finish line. On the Sunday there will also be a chance for young riders to test their mettle along the Loggers Creek trail system at Brennan Park. This event is known as the Mini Metal and is a very fun day for all involved.   For more information on the event, view the official website HERE.   To get a real taste of the event, watch the 2014 video below: