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Thinking of Building…here are some thoughts

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Ready to build? Bought that lot in Crumpit Woods from one of our fine Realtors? Thought it all through? What you want? What about what you don’t? When you are ready to build you need to think the whole project through…current lifestyle as well as future plans. Will your family be growing? Or are your kids on the way out? Do you entertain? A lot? A little? Overnight guests? Do you work from home? Only spend time at home on the weekend? No matter what your answers are to these questions, make sure to do your research in order to avoid potentially unhealthy or uncomfortable design choices. Here are a few places to think about: Pay attention to your HVAC system: Yes we live in Canada, but that is even more reason to think about heating and cooling! We have both cold and warm temperatures to contend with, and if the HVAC system is too small it will underperform, while as a too large system will use too much energy. Closet space: You want to maximize your storage space of course, but not at the expense of your other rooms. Do you need a huge walk-in closet in your master bedroom? Or would that space be better used to make a larger en suite? Do you need a simple coat closet, or would your needs be better served by a full on mudroom? Future Plans: Planning on growing into a family, or growing old in this house? You need to think ahead to make sure your home will be able to grow with you. Lighting: Windows, electrical outlets and light fixtures need to be plentiful. Natural lighting whenever possible should be the main source of light. Do you really want a dedicated…media room? Craft room? Gym, game room, playroom? Think about how the space will be used and how often.  A sewing room may never get used, but a sewing room that doubles as a guest room could get used a lot more often. Laundry room: Where and how big are two big questions when it comes to the laundry room. Near the bedrooms is great for getting things to and fro, however, if you are taking advantage of the new washer and dryer delayed start settings in order to do your laundry on off peak electrical hours, the noise of the spin cycle right next to where your family and guests are trying to sleep may be an issue. Ease of kitchen access: Having to go through the entire house with all of your groceries is not a great idea. The kitchen should be easily accessed from a garage or back entrance, as well as near the dining and living areas. This along with hiring a good contractor and maybe a designer to help will save you time and aggravation later.  It is easy to move thing around when they are on paper, much harder when you start building. Enjoy that new House! SONY DSC 1012 Jay Crescent $879,000 Listed by Tara Hunter