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Top 10 Things to do in Squamish in Summer

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Squamish is blessed with fantastic scenery and a huge number of activities you can do all year round. Wherever your interests lie, you can find something to entertain, excite and enjoy!

We asked our realtors for they’re favourite summer activities in Squamish and here are the results:


With Whistler to the north and the famous Vancouver North Shore to the south, you could be forgiven for neglecting the biking scene in Squamish. However, the trails here are some of the best in the world.

Whether you are just starting out, or you have been biking for years, the trails here will definitely not disappoint. Find out more information HERE.


Surrounded by impressive mountains and beautiful lakes, Squamish offers some incredible hiking opportunities. From low-altitude walks, to full multi-day treks, get outside and explore what the area has to offer.


One of the most famous world-wide draws to Squamish is The Stawamus Chief. This towering monolith has some of the best climbing and bouldering in the world!

The Howe Sound

The Howe Sound offers a huge number of water activities including sailing, kayaking, canoeing, wind surfing and diving to name a few. For more information, check out the Tourism Squamish website.


After a long summer day there are very few things more satisfying than relaxing on a patio to catch the final few hours of sunlight!

Squamish has a number of fantastic patios including The Howe Sound Brewery, Match Pub and The Watershed Grill.


There are some great campgrounds in Squamish in some really beautiful spots, with both free and paying locations. What better way to get close to nature than sleeping right under the stars! You can check out our full camping blog for more information.

Sea-to-Sky Gondola

The Sea-to-Sky Gondola has been a massive success since it opened, offering incredible views of the Squamish Valley.

Take a trip up and see what all the fuss is about!

Catch some sun

If there’s one thing you can expect during summer in Squamish it’s warm temperatures and plenty of sun! For those that love to soak up some rays, this is the perfect time to sit out and get all the vitamin D you can.

But remember to wear sunscreen!


With all that sun you will no doubt want to cool down. Squamish and the surrounding area have a number of lakes that can be easily accessed. Jump in for a swim or take out the paddle-board!


And, after all those activities you’ve definitely earned the right to just take a breath and relax!