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Top Five Fall Activities in Squamish

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As the summer fades, temperatures start to cool, and the weather gets a little bit wetter, you can still find plenty of activities in Squamish.

Fall is one of the best times to get outside and enjoy Canada’s recreation capital! The landscape looks incredible with the changing leaves, and the lower temperatures mean it’s cool enough to really enjoy those outdoor sports without risking heat stroke.

Wherever your interests lie you can be sure to find something fun to keep you entertained during the autumn months. But, if you’re looking for some tips, here are our top five fall activities in Squamish:


In the heat of summer hiking can sometimes be a bit much with the sun bearing down on you and temperatures pushing into the 30s. But, come fall the weather is far more comfortable and you are free to take on all Squamish has to offer.

With the changing of the leaves the landscape also takes on a totally new look, one that is best viewed from above, up in the mountains.

If you’re worried about rain, there’s no need – fall has plenty of sunny days so get outside and enjoy the beautiful colours!

Mountain Biking

Squamish is known to have some incredible mountain biking, which can be accessed year-round (at lower elevations in winter). Fall is the perfect time to take on the trails with cooler temperatures meaning for less arduous pedalling, and wetter weather allowing for more grip.

The trails also reveal a new perspective to the Squamish scenery from the beautiful forest in which they’re hosted.

Eagle Viewing

As summer comes to an end, the winter nesting eagles begin to return to the area. Located mainly in Brackendale, just north of Squamish, these incredible birds can be easily seen throughout the fall and winter months.

The numbers are astonishing and they really are a sight to behold, so head outside and get spotting!


Squamish has world-class fishing year-round and fall is the perfect time to catch a huge range of fish including coho salmon, rainbow trout and bull trout. One of the best ways to discover fishing here is by getting a guide.


Squamish Valley Golf Course is a great course to play with some incredible views. Fall is a great time to hit it up, with fewer crowds and lower temperatures.