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Vancouver Biennale

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The third bi-annual Vancouver Biennale  is coming to Squamish.  The Vancouver Bienniale is a non-profit charitable organisation that celebrates art in public places. The exhibits are meant to transform urban landscapes into Open Air Museums featuring mixed media presentations which create globally inspired –and unexpected – cultural experiences. This year, the exhibit is moving outward, spreading its art and message to neighbouring communities, and lucky for us, it is coming to Squamish! Biennale pic 1 The project starts this spring, and Hugo Franca is already hard at work.  The Brazilian artist is internationally renowned for his functional sculpture – taking discarded wood and making amazing pieces of furniture that encourages patrons to sit and take in the view.  While the artist is best known for working with pequi – a dense, gnarled wood from his native Brazil –he will be carving species native to our native rainforest. Brazilian Artist Working with the much softer Douglas Fir in Squamish, Franco found that when the piece was turned over, it snapped in two due to an unseen rotten section in the middle.  Franca took it all in his stride and turned what was going to be one piece of furniture into two.  The wood speaks to him, Franca told a Vancouver Sun Reporter and he listens. “These logs already gave me an idea of what they want to be.  It’s a very intuitive process based on a creative dialogue with the raw material.” All of the pieces França creates will remain in Squamish for the two-year Biennale period. After that, some will remain permanently in town and some will be sold. – See more at: To view Franca at work, and to find out more about the Vancouver Biennale, check out the artist and his team at the west end of Spanish Banks East on Sunday April 13 where there will be an open house hosted on the site between 12:30-3:30pm.