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What Attracts Home Buyers?

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Data can help agents and sellers understand the needs of buyers and more accurately tailor their marketing strategies to these requirements.

We spoke to our agents and looked at our own lead information and analytics in order to find some tried and tested ways of attracting more buyers.

High Quality Photos

With more people narrowing down their home search based purely off online listings, a good web presence is essential. You need to make your home stand out from the crowd and ensure you don’t put anyone off.

High quality listing pictures are hugely important and are the difference between a potential buyer viewing your property and immediately ruling it out of their search. A listing without photos will be immediately discounted unless it has something else to offer such as an attractive price point.

When it comes to how many photos it is a fine balance, not enough and a buyer will be uncertain, but too many and a buyer may become bored with the listing. You need to offer enough to spike the interest but not too many to replace the need for a viewing.

A Good, Accurate Description

Your property description has to be attention grabbing and interesting, especially on the web. Attention spans are short and you need to attract the buyer as quickly as possible.

Similar to photos not enough content is off putting, but too much can seem daunting to read. Short descriptions are becoming very popular – think a couple of short introductory paragraphs. But we have also noticed that luxury listings tend to have longer descriptions as buyers will be spending a more substantial amount of time deciding and tend to be pickier.

The description must also be accurate. There is nothing more off-putting to a buyer than false information. You need to provide a truthful description of your property that doesn’t attempt to mask any potential negatives.

First Impressions

In-person first impressions are key and, much like online, you need to attract buyers immediately. Curb appeal is a real thing so take special care with your garden or patio to draw them in. Simple solutions like plants or flowers as well as ensuring everything is clean will go a long way.

Once they’re in the door make sure your property is warm. If your property doesn’t get enough sunlight, turn on the heater an hour or so before any viewings so that prospective buyers are comfortable and not put off by a cold home.

Start Marketing Early

Many buyers believe that there is no point putting their home up for sale before typically busy seasonal periods however, this couldn’t be more wrong.

Marketing early means that you can reap the benefits of a busy market by being fully prepared with a strategy already in place. Ensure your property is up to scratch and get all of your photos taken, along with engaging the services of an agent.

Hire the Right Agent

Speaking of agents, not all Realtors are equal, or suited to your specific needs. In order to hire the right agent you need to speak to them and establish their credentials before engaging their services.

Do your research to see if they are the right fit for you and your property. Ensure they know what they’re talking about and can provide a strategy that is suited to your needs and the current market conditions.

Personal Touches

Be proactive with potential buyers and offer a friendly environment when they come to view your property. Things like giving them a cup of tea or coffee as they explore your home will make you stand out from the crowd.

Building a rapport will do you favours in the long run and add to that homely feel of your property.


For more information on attracting buyers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our local, knowledgeable Realtors.