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What is it Like to Live in Squamish?

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For many people Squamish was always the place to stop off on the way to Whistler. A place known for world-class climbing and biking. A home out of the city within commuting distance. Or a place to set up a business.

But, what is it actually like to live in Squamish?

2015 seemed to mark a turning point in Squamish’s history as house prices increased and the real estate market saw its largest ever number of sales. A lot of people are now looking to Squamish as a place to call home, and with good reason!

As the outdoor recreation capital of Canada, the town has garnered great interest and offers breath-taking views, tons of activities, and is ideally located between a wonderful city and a four-season mountain resort.

Living in Squamish

Squamish is an incredibly relaxed place to live with a great work/life balance. There is a young population with 60% of residents under 40, along with many families in the area.

House prices are relatively affordable compared with neighbouring areas, but prices are beginning to increase as Squamish gains popularity. You can find information about the current market stats HERE.

There is a great community feel, with tons of events taking place year round including festivals, sporting events and markets. For current events see our events page.

Working in Squamish

Many businesses choose to locate in the area due to the town’s expansion and growth potential. There are quite a number of commercial buildings offering great office spaces for both established and new companies.

There are plenty of jobs in Squamish and the surrounding areas, with many residents also choosing to work Vancouver and opting to commute. This lifestyle choice provides huge flexibility, with the benefits of a city job and an adventure lifestyle.

Playing in Squamish

One of the biggest draws to the town is the lifestyle and sheer number of things to do. There are so many activities in Squamish and the surrounding area to suit all tastes.

Whether you love summers or winters you will find something you enjoy. From hiking, climbing and biking to skiing and snowshoeing, Squamish has something for everyone.

Living here gives you access to possibly the best backyard in the world! Spend any time in the town and you will see why so many people choose to call it home. For more information on activities check out the tourism Squamish website.