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What to Check During your Final Walkthrough

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There is a lot going on for buyers as closing approaches, from packing and finalizing paperwork, to arranging utilities and services. One of the last steps is the final walkthrough of your chosen property and, with so much going on it can be tempting to skip it, but that can be a costly mistake.

A final walkthrough is extremely important and ensures that everything is in order before you move in. It is especially necessary if there were repairs made since the inspection. The walkthrough allows you and your agent to assess to see if everything is in order, or if some things still need to be addressed.

Here are some areas to pay special attention to when conducting your final walkthrough:

Confirm repairs

Depending on the results of your home inspection, the property may have undergone repairs and in this case you want to verify that all the work has been completed properly. You should have your Realtor present for this and in some cases it’s good to have a consulting contractor if there were any major repairs.

If you’re satisfied be sure to get any invoices, permits or warranties so you know who to contact should there be an issue down the line.

Verify sale items

Bring your purchase agreement to the final walkthrough and use it as a checklist to ensure that everything listed in the sale is present. This way you know that you are receiving everything that you paid for.

Check electrical

Do a thorough check of the electrical systems including each outlet – take a phone charger or volt tester to help you do this. Test all lighting, including any exterior lights to be sure if they’re functioning correctly.

Test plumbing

Test the plumbing system thoroughly, especially if the property has been vacant for some time. Run faucets and shower heads, and be sure to pay attention to temperature and pressure. Fill up the sinks and tubs and make sure they all drain properly, while looking for leaks. Finally, flush all toilets and confirm there aren’t any issues with the septic tank.

Check appliances

If your purchase include any appliances, be sure to test that these are working as well. If the seller has moved out it is likely that the refrigerator and freezer are turned off – check that they turn on properly and that there is no mold present.

Turn on the oven and check each light on the stove, along with if there is any smell of gas. Start the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer on short cycles and lookout for dirty water, leaks or sewage smells.

Check all rooms

Check all rooms to ensure they haven’t developed any issues – pay extra attention to the kitchen and bathroom as these are typically the first to develop problems. Look for mold and check for standing water, leaks and any other signs of water damage.

Check the outside

Finally, take a good look around the outside of the house to ensure everything has been left as agreed. Some sellers may take their favourite plants which can leave holes in the earth. If necessary check the irrigation systems, fences, gates and any outdoor appliances or electrical outlets.


Once you’ve completed your walkthrough discuss if there are any issues with your agent which need to be presented to the seller. Or, if you’re happy with everything you can close the sale and get ready to move in!