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What to do with your Halloween pumpkins?

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You’ve heard about all of the traditional things you can do with a pumpkin (and if you want that list clickhere) but did you know that pumpkin is often recommended for dogs with GI issues? Canned pumpkin is often prescribed by veterinarians for dogs with intestinal issues, diarrhea and constipation. The high fibre content and low acidity of the mushy pumpkin makes it the ideal roughage to help the canine patient get relief.  I, unfortunately, learned this little nugget of veterinary lore when my old lab/shepherd cross ate a can of cat food. And, in true lab fashion, he didn’t just eat the food, he ate the whole can as well. This meant that our pooch not only had a stomach full of high protein kitty food, but also a whole bunch of metal shards threatening to pass through his digestive system and tear up everything along the way. I was prepared to hear the vet – David Lane  http://pointseastwest.com/   – tell me that my dog was essentially one of the walking dead. Or that I was about to make a down payment on his new truck with the amount of money I was going to have to pay for him to operate and remove all of the metal. But instead of telling me to say goodbye to my dog, or to a couple thousand dollars (or most likely both, I thought), he instead told me to go buy canned pumpkin – LOTS of it – and to feed as much as possible to the dog for the next few days. I was in shock. Our vet usually had a very odd sense of humour, but this seemed cruel to both myself and the unhappy puppy sitting in front of me. I couldn’t believe that he would make the dog suffer, so I had to believe that he was serious. I went out and bought a flat of canned pumpkin.  Here is where I wished it was Halloween and I could have used the pumpkin my kid and I carved. In true lab fashion, again, the dog ate and ate the mushy orangish brown goop. And when he stopped, I poured tuna juice on top and he ate some more. After three very tense days (and nights) I took him back in for more x-rays. X-rays that showed no tin left in the entire GI tract. Simple use for your old Pumpkins and keeps the pooches happy. Indy with Pumpkin How does this help you sell your home, just another way to get rid of those soon to be unsightly pumpkins.  Hope everybody enjoyed Halloween!