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Why Home Staging is important.

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Have you ever wandered into a show home or a display suite and thought “wow, this place is awesome, I could totally see myself living here!” If it is, then the model home has done what it was designed to do.  A model home is desirable because, yes, they are beautifully decorated, but mostly because they are blank palettes onto which potential buyers can picture themselves living in. Angie Kendal, of Maximum Impact Plus Home Staging and Interior Decoratingand Patricia Kelly-Ruiz of Regroup Property Stylists offer a few suggestions to stage your property: Eliminate clutter: Nothing’s worse for a buyer than walking into a messy space – it can be an immediate turn-off. “Closets and pantries must be organized and neat, so purge, purge, purge and then purge again,” says Kelly-Ruiz. “Crammed closets can give the buyer the impression that there isn’t storage space.” Make the space appealing to all: Choose subtle, commonly beautiful colours, nothing too dramatic and overpowering. Did you paint a room pink and lime green for you daughter? Or another room orange because it was your two-year old son’s favourite colour? Now is the time to find a pretty griege and get out your paint brushes.  Also, it is important to remove items like photographs so as to depersonalize the space for the buyer.  You don’t want the buyer seeing your family in the house, you want them to imagine their family in their instead. Another trick of the home staging trade is light. “Try to use a mixture of lighting types: ambient, task, general, and of course natural light – lighting is an economical way to make a regular room seem spectacular,” said Kelly-Ruiz. Sell quickly: A home or condo that is staged usually sells more quickly – that’s because buyers can imagine living in a staged home more easily than one that is not. “Home staging not only sells homes faster but they also sell for a higher selling price,” said Kendel. Potentially huge return on investment: The goal of home staging is to get back more than you invest, and as Kendel pointed out, the ROI can be substantial. Your goal is to sell your home, so is your home stager’s. By working together you can create a space that buyers will love buy using your own furniture and décor items, along with a few inexpensive updates to best showcase your home. What does this mean for you the seller? A quicker sale, as well as more money in your pocket.

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