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Why More People are Moving to Squamish

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In the past two years we have noticed an increase in the number of people moving to Squamish from outside the area.

With new developments, a booming business hub, and unparalleled outdoor recreation opportunities, it’s no wonder that more people are discovering our wonderful community. If you’re considering moving to Squamish, here are just a handful of the reasons people choose to move here.


For most people looking to move to Squamish they are fed up with the lack of opportunities in Vancouver and are looking for somewhere that offers more choice, and specifically more space.

Whether you’re looking for a larger property, a garage, or somewhere with a garden, homes here are built to give you that bit more. Not only that, there is room to grow. In Squamish you feel close to nature and can see the space around you, from the beautiful mountains, to the Howe Sound.

There is a feeling of freedom and relaxation that comes with living here. It is a chance to breathe and a chance to enjoy your surroundings without feeling hemmed in by the sprawl.


With house prices increasing across the province buyers are looking to areas where their money can go further. We speak to a lot of prospective buyers from Vancouver who are just unable to achieve their real estate goals in the city and must look to other areas.

Just an hour away from the city, Squamish is still within a reasonable commuting distance for those who don’t mind travelling for work. And with city traffic, commute times can often be similar within the Greater Metro Vancouver Area depending on where you work.

Outdoor lifestyle

One of the main reasons people choose to relocate to Squamish is the lifestyle and outdoor activities. From hiking, climbing and mountain biking, to kite boarding, wind surfing and the proximity to Whistler, Squamish really has it all.

There is something for everyone here and it doesn’t just end at outdoor pursuits. The bar and dining scene in the area is booming with incredible restaurants, bars and breweries to choose from. More businesses are continuing to start or relocate to Squamish and this is only going to get better as time goes on.


Squamish is becoming increasingly popular with young families as buyers are looking for a place where they can settle and grow. It is the perfect place to raise a family with great schools, and so many awesome activities to choose from – you can take our word for it!

Anyone’s children will be able to stretch their legs and learn about the unique beauty B.C. has to offer while growing up in Squamish. There are a dozen public and private elementary schools, one francophone school, and two universities: Capilano University and Quest University. Squamish is the perfect place to grow up in an environment full of opportunity!


We’ve already mentioned the proximity to Vancouver which provides commuting and international travel opportunities, but it doesn’t end there. The Sea-to-Sky Highway is full of so many beautiful areas, and just a short drive away is the world-renowned resort of Whistler with all it has to offer.


So if you’re currently considering moving to Squamish, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our local Realtors who will be able to answer any of your questions and provide you with everything you need to know!